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Syed Ali Ehsan as Chief Executive leads the business responsibilities at TAU. He has been affiliated with policy news and broadcasting since 2009. He is an alumnus of NUST Business School, Atlas Leadership Academy, and the International Academy of Leadership.



Advisor on Energy Innovation

Jahangir has over 30 years of multi-industry experience across the globe working with international organizations such as Lehmans, Prudential, Po Sang Bank and Archer Daniels Midland and domestically with JS Group and First Dawood.



Advisor on Academic Innovations

Dr. Razaullah Khan teaches at the Islamia College in Peshawar and is the President of Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan’s first free-market think tank and research institute. His passion for research is combined with the drive to engage the youth in intellectual endeavors.

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Advisor on Technology

Dr Taha Ali is Assistant Professor at the NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, where he leads the Digital Society research group. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia and has undertaken two research fellowships, at CSIRO, Australia, and at Newcastle University, UK. His research focus is on information security.



Advisor on Socio Economic Affairs

Andrea Vaughan is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she studied Economics and Political Science, focusing on Public Policy. She grew up in Pakistan and has raised her 4 children there. She has worked in the fields of Human Rights advocacy and Education – both in curriculum development and training.

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Advisor on Communications

Hailing from Thailand, Jyoti Sarinthorn Sachavirawong is a business and project management consultant, specializing in communications, performance and operations management, CSR campaigns, impact assessment, and stakeholder engagement.



Advisor on Political Engagement

Liubomyr Chornii is Chairman of the Ukrainian think tank – Center for Public Expertise. Experienced in Private Sector Development Policies, Social and Fiscal Policies, Local Economic Development, and Legislation, he been consulting for the Ukrainian government since 2000.



Advisor on Policy Innovation

Medeni Sungur is the Executive Director of Freedom Research Association, an independent and strictly non-partisan public policy research organization dedicated to individual liberty, peace, prosperity and free markets in Turkey.